Monday, 23 July 2012

Death of Oswaldo Paya ‘Not Suspicious’ Claims Note Pinned to his Corpse

The prominent Cuban dissident and human rights activist Oswaldo Paya has been found dead in what many are journalists are loudly calling an accident while looking nervously around the room.

Despite being a vocal thorn in the side of cuba’s one party system Paya’s death is being treated as accidental. Paya, 60, was perhaps best known for  his involvement in the Varela Project - a campaign to gather signatures in support of a referendum on laws guaranteeing civil rights. Paya took charge of the controversial project after his predecessor killed himself by setting his house on fire and then blowing himself up in his car with three pounds of C4

Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya pictured in December 2007 while delivering to the National Assembly a letter requesting a general amnesty for political prisoners (file pic) 

In May 2002, Paya presented Cuba's National Assembly with a petition of more than 10,000 signatures calling for an end to four decades of one-party rule. It is this courageous action against the country’s communist leadership that is thought to be in no way connected to his demise at all

It was in the early hours of this  morning when  Mr Paya’s body was found in his car which had ‘run into a tree’. Paya, who has been described as a caring man, a loving father and a man who could not previously drive, was taken from the vehicle as paramedics and several unnamed men in smart black suits pronounced him dead on the scene.

A preliminary coroner’s report has confirmed that Paya’s blood showed him being well over the legal limit of both alcohol and arsenic, which many are speculating  may have lead to the tragic crash. Officials have also concluded that Paya would have been transporting several dozen knives and handguns in his lap due to the quantity of cuts and gunshot wounds found on the body. Sources close to paya are have come forward to say that he often liked to drive recklessly on cliff roads while taking the safety catches off of pistols he liked to leave on his crotch.


However it was the note that Paya left on his chest, secured by a rusty dagger that confirmed the death as accidental. “this is accidental, look no further”, the missive read. Cuban news outlets are speculating that due to the many Government enemies Paya had, he wished to quell any conspiracies with his dying breath. Paya then doused himself in gasoline, set himself alight, pulled his own tongue out and separated his head from his body.

Cuban police have stated that Paya’s death is a tragic piece of bad luck for which no one is responsible.

Announcing Paya’s death from the steps of party headquarters an unnamed cuban representative who happened to be holding what looked like a brake lead and a hatchet gave his deepest condolences to Paya’s family and said he hoped that other activists would not be perturbed by the news.

The man then laughed for several minutes while firing a pistol into the air and crowd

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