Friday, 23 December 2011

Sarah Palin Sues Biopic Filmmakers

The makers of a new film centring on the vice presidential campaign of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin are facing difficulty as Palin has taken time out from her recent schedule of driving around in a campaign bus while obstinately not running for office and starring in gun and flag-centric reality TV to sue the film’s producers.

The ex Vice Presidential candidate is said to have received a leaked draft of ‘Game Change’, which stars Julianne Moore as a version of Sarah Palin: a dim but pretty politician with a poor understanding of foreign policy, sentence construction and everything. However, Palin’s lawyers have taken HBO to task for the perceived inaccuracies of the film.

Below is a leaked list of some of Palin’s demands of the filmmakers:

  • While it is true that Palin listed the fact that she could see Russia from her house as a part of her foreign policy experience, the ex-governer has questioned the frequency with which the film depicts her staring suspiciously from her bedroom window into the Berring Strait as ominous music plays. Fifteen instances of this are too much, her lawyers claim
  • Despite clear claims made in the infamous Katie Couric interview the film does not depict Palin reading all of the newspapers
  • Palin has five children: Track, Trig, Willow, Piper and Bristol. Despite this fact the film adds the fictional children Twig, Twonk, Scunthorpe, Magneto and The Judge. This is not factually accurate and is suspected of mocking Palin’s actual children

  • The scenes in which God descends from the heavens and chooses Palin to run for vice President are felt to be written in a parodic or comic manner not in keeping with the gravity of the actual incidents. The choice of comic actor Will Ferrel for the role is also questioned
  • Scenes of Palin’s widely publicised practice of shooting wildlife from a helicopter with a high powered rifle were said to make the activity look ‘mean, cruel and unsporting’, rather than a ‘glorious example of our right to bear arms. From a helicopter’
  • The use of Palin’s slogan “drill, baby, drill” in regards to the procurement of oil and a disregard for EPA standards is used in the film in a licentious and pornographic manner that Palin demands be excised
  • Palin biographer Joe McGinniss, whose book revealed her alleged affairs with basketball players and her cocaine use, is seen in the film without his horns, tail or the ‘trail of ruined lives he leaves in the wake of every step he takes’
  • The scene where Palin is depicted snorting cocaine from a basketball player she is having sex with is to be removed
  • Palin was never destroyed by being shot into a vat of molten metal

  • The scene where Sarah Palin tries to kill film star Antonio Banderas in a church is completely falsified and should be removed (*This demand has been removed since that scene has been found to come from an earlier Julianne Moore film, Assassins, which is unconnected to Palin)
  • A scene where Governer Palin blacks up and raps in an attempt to "beat that damn Obama at his own game" is 'not factually accurate'
  • Though a keen NRA supporter, Governer Palin has never hunted the most dangerous game- man.

HBO have yet to respond to these demands, though theirt lawyers have met with Palin’s people.

Game Change is due for release July 2012


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