Saturday, 19 November 2011

Bachman presidential campaign hurt by revelation: “I bloody love getting abortions”

Republican Tea Party Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s campaign may have been seriously hurt by comments she made to NBC Dateline wherein she admitted to having what she described as an ‘addiction’ to abortions. “I don’t know what it is. From the first one I ever had, back when I was sixteen, I just loved the feeling. There’s really nothing quite like it; having a little piece of life scraped out of your uterus. Just thinking about it’s giving me cravings.” She claimed on the popular news program.

Bachmann is no stranger to controversy, with her far right views including a belief that homosexuality is a choice that can be cured, supporting continued warfare in Afghanistan and questioning President Obama’s birth certificate but this newest revalation is radically contrary to her otherwise staunchly Conservative rhetoric. Political analysts fear that the GOP candidate may have isolated her base.

A stupendous record of late-term abortions

The statement, made on the live broadcast find Bachmann, speaking candidly about her astonishing record of abortions- she claims to have had over fifty- and her position on the vocal Pro-Life movement. “I say, if it feels good do it and nothing feels better than an abortion. Maybe that’s just me. But a woman should have the right to choose what happens in her own body, even if what she chooses is to deliberately impregnate herself for the sole purpose of aborting the fetus because it brings her pleasure.”

However, following the outcry from the Tea Party voters who largely disagree with the Senator’s comments endorsing birth control, Bachmann’s people have released several press releases arguing that that segment of the program was meant to be off the record and that the Senator was “only joking around” and “Does not actually have recreational abortions”. However most political comments say that these denials are too little too late.

Following these denials prominent Democrats are asking to see Bachmann’s medical records. According to her original broadcast statement, “it’s really a mess down there. It’s absolutely bananas. But I knew the risks getting into it. Around the seventeenth go-round I had to really choose. Did I want to keep it kinda intact or do I want more abortions? That was a tough decision, but after a few months I couldn’t hold off any longer. I got inseminated and then it was pretty much a countdown to the next abortion. That;s why I’ve got so many foster kids; nothing living’s coming out of there. Each foster kid is kind of like penance for about three abortions and I’ve got about twenty two. Yeah.” Voters are demanding to see a medical check to validate her denial of serial terminations. Bachmann has yet to respond to these demands.

In a Republican race rocked by scandal, from Herman Cain’s sexual misconduct allegations to Rick Perry’s racist lodge, Bachmann’s outburst may well overshadow them all and many feel that her claim that she enjoys “waiting till the last minute before I have them terminated in my body because that feels extra good” may well be the final nail in this campaign’s coffin.

Felix Prenderghast,
Senior Features Correspondent

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