Friday, 18 November 2011

Gervais Set To Host Globes: Promises Bloodiest Ceremony Yet

Controversial funnyman Ricky Gervais has been hired to host the Golden Globes again, even after last year’s outrageous performance inflamed the sensibilities of the Hollywood elite. But the Office jokester swears that this year’s event will be the most incendiary yet. “There’s no point doing it unless I think I can top myself” said Gervais, “Will I be soften my material? No way. This year I’m going for broke. I’m mounting a live peasant’s revolt! Blood will spill, lives will end! Vive La Revolution!”

Speaking to E! News the shock loving brit comedian outlined some of his plans for the prestigious hosting post, pushing tiny models around a beize model of the Golden Globe ballroom and plotting the most effective way of shutting down all possible exits before unleashing the armed masses he will be bringing to the event. “It’s going to be mental.” he promised with a cheeky grin.

Gervais swears to rip Brad Pitt in twain

“I made the jokes. So whats the next level up, satirically speaking? How best to prick the egos of the rich and famous?” Gervais holds up the bloodied blade of a plow, “This is how”. Gervais is set to marshal a force of thousands of disaffected Americans, recruited to give a well needed and brutal send up to the usual uptight and sycophantic event. “The red carpet will mark the path of the river of blood” Gervais quipped, with his trademark uproarious laugh.

But still, there are some that believe that Gervais will once again go to far in his routine. Julia Roberts sat stony faced in the audience last year, hearing of his proposed opener she commented via twitter, “I just think it’s mean spirited and ill-judged. I don’t like to laugh at Bruce Willis’ personal life, why would I like to see his beaten body hoisted on a pike in front of a baying audience of commoners?” Still, organizers remain steadfast in backing Gervais, refusing to censor him and commenting that in light of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Gervais’ proposed bloodbath is all the more in the zeitgeist.

But Gervais is unfazed by the criticism, “There’s always people that don’t get it. ‘ooh, you can’t make fun of Angelina Jolie’, ‘ooh, I love Tom Hanks, don’t take the mick’, ‘oooh, you mustn’t encourage a crowd to thrash Demi moore like a flesh pinata’. It’s my job to push the envelope. And anyway, it’s just a bloody joke”

The Award show is scheduled for January 17th 2012

Felix Prenderghast,
Senior Features Correspondent

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