Friday, 18 November 2011

Kim Kardashian Launches New Fragrance, Menaces Starfleet.

Last night, glamour came to New York with the lavish party thrown in honour of the launch of Reality superstar Kim Kardashian’s new fragrance ‘Opulicious’ as well as the first flight of her Omega Class Interstellar Destroyer the ‘Kraav- Miclach’.

Kim K looking smoking hot

Looking elegant in a flowing Dior gown, Kim took time to clue us in on how she named it: “It’s really just a mix of ‘opulent’ and ‘delicious’, like, it’s luxurious and expensive but it comes from a really natural and sweet place- so, Opulicious.” Explained the ravishing 30 year old. “I designed the smell myself. There’s a lot of me in there. I didn’t want just a standard perfume. I had to be involved with every step of the design. Guess I’m just a bit OCD like that” She laughed, “It was the same with the ion repulsor layout on the Battlecruiser. I oversee everything.”

And where Kim K goes a galaxy of stars follow. the event was a veritable who’s who of who’s in, with Paris, the Olsens, Brad, Ange and Sue making an appearance. Security was understandably tight for the black tie event with many wannabes being turned away by a strict security staff trained to spot the Z-list celebs trying to make the scene and anyone with an affiliation to Starfleet and their bureaucratic meddling into the affairs of the Kardashian empire.

A craft capable of destruction on a planetary scale

But Kim was tight lipped on politics on her night, not willing to go into the struggles in the Neutral Zone that has drawn her ire. “It’s such a great night, I don’t want to get all heavy with intergalactic trade disputes. All I’ll say is that the Federation have had their day and it’s maybe time for a new power to rise. And if they don’t like it, well maybe I need to take this warbird for a spin” She teased, “while smelling fabulous, of course.Opulicious”

Look out boys! There’s a new strong and sexy lady on the scene and she’s taking no prisoners in her bid for perfume/galactic dominance.

Felix Prenderghast,
Senior Features Correspondent

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