Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lord Justice Leveson in ‘Cocaine Fuelled Vice Girl Romp’, Claims the Sun

Two prostitutes have come forward to the Sun newspaper to claim that they have shared “dozens of kinky, steamy coke-and-pill fuelled orgies” with Lord Justice Leveson.

Chandalise, 19, and Kandii, 21, told the paper that they had been employed by the the respected QC and head of the current phone hacking inquiry on multiple occasions for “the wildest S&M romps ever committed. There were no limits to the judge’s appetites. He was like an animal; a horny animal that was also a judge and one that wanted to destroy investigative journalism in this country.”

"He was insatiable. He used to say he wanted to cum on my soul."

Detailing their first encounter with the respected barrister Chandalise recalled: “We were picked up by [Sir Brian Henry Leveson QC]’s driver one night and he stuffed a handfull of notes into each of our hands to cover the whole evening. He took us to this storage unit in the east end with an old lift in it and when we got to the bottom there he was, wearing his judge’s wig, a leather maid’s outfit and the most demented grin you’ve ever seen. It was clear he’d been smoking rocks of crack by the handfull. I don’t know if you’d describe what he did to us in his dungeon as ‘sex’ but at the end I had lost a quarter of my happiest childhood memories and both of my legs were dislocated. As we left, weeping, he just laughed and laughed and smoked crystal meth and laughed.”

However the scarring sexual gauntlet didn’t stop the girls from returning to the depraved and predatory QC. “We needed the money” they claimed. “We was fucking like it was the fall of Rome. He was doing rails of charlie off my knockers , while elbow deep in two other girls and all the time this young fella was suckin’ him off while dressed as a high ranking member of the Stasi. It was mental. Sometimes he’d hack into the phones of the families of murder victims and listen to their voicemails while wanking himself into an uncooked game hen.”

“He’s got a chest tattoo of an oriental dragon and for an older fella he’s proper built. He even crushed up some meth, snorted that from the blade of his katana and done a hundred push ups in front of us all while shouting about how he fully intended to destroy News International whatever the cost. We didn’t know what he meant at the time.” claimed Chandalise to Sun journalists.

“I’ve been on the game a little while but I’ve never seen anyone as perverse as him. He’d hump anything; guys, girls, shetland ponies, invertebrates, Hugh Grant, a bowl of live eels, Sienna Miller, the list goes on.”

As to why the girls have chosen now to come forward Kandii claimed that “we saw his picture in the paper and recognized him, reading on we found out that he was leading some kind of inquiry. The last thing I saw that maniac leading was a full-penetration conga line. We thought that the public had a right to know about the lives of certain ‘responsible’ public figures so we came forward to the most reliable and honest investigative newspaper we could think of”

While Lord Leveson is yet to respond to any of these allegations, the story threatens his necessary impartiality and the process of the high profile inquiry

Felix Prenderghast,
Senior Features Correspondent

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