Monday, 21 November 2011

Method Actor Meryl Streep Declares War on Argentina for Thatcher Role

Hollywood legend Meryl Streep has admitted that to achieve the transformation into Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for her leading role in the upcoming film The Iron Lady, she had to wage a costly and poorly planned war against the nation of Argentina.

The two-time Oscar winner announced her intentions to the current Argentinian Government upon signing on to the film and then proceeded to try to ‘reclaim’ the Falkland Islands with a rag tag group of mercenaries and a theater troupe she had employed for the dramatic preparation. “I’m a method actor” The Devil Wears Prada star said from her bunker, “I have to inhabit a role, study it, really follow in her footprints. It’s a lengthy transformation but it’s how my craft works. If my character is fat then I have to gain weight, if my character starts a three month war over soverignty then so do I. I hope all this shows on the big screen.”

Streep: gifted actor and merciless foe in the theatre of war

Two weeks after the declaration of war the Argentinian military and police finally responded to the guerrilla campaign being carried out by the venerated thespian and her commando force, all of whom were fighting under the union jack. When they finally met, the conflict ignited a three month long battle on the South American Island. hostilities escalated into the winter with the 62 year old actor orchestrating a series of ruthless military maneuvers that left hundreds dead and many more maimed.

26 year old aspiring actor and lieutenant in Streep’s militia Tom Holltaw claims that working with the prolific character actor was an inspiration. “She never once broke character, it was a real education. And that voice? Uncanny. I tell you, the sheer ruthless determination she had for this war was unbelievable and it was all in the character. the ‘real’ Meryl is so sweet and peace loving. She’s never order Argentinian POWs be put to death. She truly was the Iron Lady.”

Due to Meryl Streep’s cunning, military tacticians have claimed that the conflict could have lasted longer than the original.However, on December the 16th Streep gave the order to retreat, and what remained of her forces rendezvoused with the seven-time Golden Globe winner on the deck of her frigate. After sending one last salvo into the Islands, destroying a textile factory and killing four, Streep finally left the hostile waters and made her way back to America

The film, in heavy contention for next year’s Oscars is going up against other historical biopics like Hoover, the Clint Eastwood directed film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio, who similarly inhabited his role in the Method style was admittedly required to engage in the less violent practices of swishing about in a dress and taping the private conversations of every American he possibly could to get into the mindset of the FBI founder.

The Iron Lady opens in theaters worldwide on December 3rd.

Felix Prenderghast,
Senior Features Correspondent

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