Monday, 21 November 2011

Germaine Greer and Chelsea Mid-fielder Ashley Cole Split

The tumultuous partnership of renowned feminist thinker Germaine Greer and philandering professional footballer Ashley Cole has ended, with the shock news that Cole has been cheating on the Female Eunuch author with ex-celebrity Big Brother contestant and glamour model Lucy Pinder.

Greer has gone on record with The Daily Star as having split with the notorious love rat after finding incriminating text messages on his phone while they were on holiday in Ibiza, a holiday that was cut short by what seems to be the final in a series of explosive rows between the pair who have been seeing each other since July of 2010.

The feminist thinker has given up her WAG privileges

Greer, reflecting on the split;“I should have seen the signs. I knew he’d been untrue before, but the truth is; I loved him. But I can’t be with him no more. He don’t respect me. I’ve got to move on and find a man that can love me for me, a man that deserves to get some of this, y’know what I mean?”

The relationship which is said to have began after Cole’s very public split with X Factor judge and popular Geordie pop star Cheryl Cole, has been dogged by rumours of infidelity and abusive behaviour from the start. Most notoriously, Greer was pictured leaving London club Spearmint Rhino with a black eye that she was trying to conceal behind large designer sunglasses. Greer, speaking in November vehemently denied being assaulted: “He done nothing. This wasn’t him. You don’t understand- he loves me. He don’t mean to hurt me. It was my fault anyway. I fell.”

Following this alleged assault fellow feminist thinkers Camille Paglia and Judith Butler were quick to publicly criticise Greer’s decision to stay with the notorious footballer. Greer was scathing in responding to their concerns: “Those fat arsed sows are just jealous of my man. Who do they think they are? I’m moving up in the world with Ash. I’ve got a line of handbags I designed coming out, do they? I thought not.”, her feminist peers have yet to comment on the acrimonious split

When asked about Cole’s new partner Pinder, Greer told the Star, “I pity that slag.He’ll just use her and abuse her. It’s what he does. But as far as I’m concerned that big titted bitch has got it coming”, she also intimatated that her staunch refusal to consider plastic surgery may have contributed to their many public rows.

Greer is now said to be “mending a broken heart”, staying with friend Victoria Beckham in the former Spice Girl’s Spanish villa.

Felix Prenderghast,
Senior Features Correspondent

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