Thursday, 24 November 2011

Firemen Demand Student Trapped in Clothes Horse be Put Down

A University of Derby student who yesterday contacted emergency services after getting her head stuck in a clothes horse has been humanely put to death.

Danielle Morgan, the late undergraduate student was said to have been “mucking about” with the clothes-drying implement when she somehow stuck her head into the frame where it became apparently unmoveable. Unable to work out any way to dismantle it Morgan attempted to leave to get help but was unable to get through her room door due to having a clothes horse round her neck. After a prolonged attempt to fit through the doorframe the 19 year old student implored friends to fetch help.

When firefighters arrived at Sir Peter Hilton Court hall of residence and met Ms. Morgan her friends noted that they seemed ‘weary and disappointed with humanity’, seeming not to listen to Morgan’s explanations or self deprecating jokes instead sighing to themselves and muttering about the ‘next generation’

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue services then forwarded one of the many mobile phone pictures of the trapped girl to her parents and after a brief conversation with them, escorted Morgan to a nearby veterinary clinic. They were said to be able to fit Morgan through the doorframe by turning her sideways.

Firefighter Roy Stokes, for whom the callout was his first glimpse of university education, assured friends and family that she was not in distress during the journey since the emergency team kept assuring her that they were going to get her a treat in town or take her for a long walk. However, upon seeing the vet clinic the sociology student became agitated and had to have a blanket put over her head to calm her

The family were informed as soon as Morgan passed and were comforted to know that she died peacefully on the vet’s table, having been injected with a chemical cocktail while Stokes stroked her hair and cooed softly that everything would be alright. Following her termination the team were able to remove the clothes horse which is said to be intact and working.

“It may seem cruel but it saves suffering in the long run” says the doctor responsible for the euthanisation, “if she’s going to get her head in a clothes horse now, then what’ll she get stuck in next year, next month even? It’s best to catch it now and end her humanely before she gets in everyone’s way later on. It gives time to the ambulance and fire services to help people who have not entangled themselves in laundry equipment. I’m just glad the family saw that.”

The funeral for Danielle Morgan is scheduled for later next week followed by a reading of a will to determine who gets the clothes horse

Felix Prenderghast,
Senior Features Correspondent

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