Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Scorching Hot Tory Babe Louise Mensch Attacks ‘Sexist’ Media

Steamy chick-lit author and Tory MP Louise Mensch has hit out against what she refers to as 'trivialization' of female MPs based on their looks in a statement that she made with her sexy mouth.

The pouty Conservative vixen said, in an interview with GQ (in reference to her policy ideas) “Everything I had said was washed away under the fluffy-bunny thing of looks. It is Theresa May’s kitten heels all over again.” She then batted her eyelids and adjusted her bra which was struggling to contain her heaving bosoms beneath her sheer, satin shirt during the fit of heated rhetoric

The MP has shot to fame recently through her involvement in the high profile Leveson inquiry and through being that very rare sight in the British political landscape: a young, progressive Tory with supple legs, a regard for a ‘Thatcherite’ economic model and come-to-bed eyes

Mensch has hit out at institutional sexism before: commenting on the low regard she felt she was held in, she previously complained : "I'm not even a PPS [parliamentary private secretary, the lowest rung on the government ladder]! It's kind of annoying. What do I have to do to get promoted over here?Am I being disloyal? I don’t know."

Mensch went on to say “I need to sit down with my whip and say "What do I have to do?" No, every time there is a raft of PPS promotions and my name is not on them, I have to sit down and think ‘What am I doing wrong?” and though many feel she would have been referring to her official party legislature enforcers when she referred to her ‘whip’ many feel that she was referencing a kinky sexual aide that she may like to use or have used on her (sources close to the MP refuse to elucidate which)

Despite this, she later told her twitter followers that these comments were not meant entirely seriously. However, in these tweets she neglected to state where exactly she was tweeting from, whether within the Houses of Parliament themselves or late at night, when stripping down getting ready for bed. This has lead to widespread speculation from some quarters

Financial Times political analyst Jack Klugman has come out in support of Mensch’s statements, saying: “Ms. Mensch is a savvy politician. One of Cameron’s new breed who know how to use the media to their advantage. I may not agree with her stance on healthcare but with her use of social media, her quick-witted appearances on Have I Got News For You and this latest stunt, she’s definitely a rising star for the right.” Klugman added, “ And yes, I absolutely would. Phwoar.”

In her GQ interview Mensch went on to deny having had plastic surgery on her face or on any other part of her body, accusations which she is said to have brushed aside with an easy laugh and a flick of her lustrous golden hair


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